Estate Planning – Wills and Trusts

Whether you are young or old, starting out or established, putting an estate plan in place may be important for your piece of mind and your family’s security.   In fact, a simple inexpensive plan could save you and your family a lot of problems down the road.

We provide user-friendly, reasonably priced estate planning and estate administration services.  In fact, a recent Gallup survey determined that most Americans do not even have a will.   Planning for disability is a growing issue as people live longer.    Dealing with the death or disability of someone you care about is never easy, but it is easier with the right planning and advisers.

Nobody wants to think about it… but have you considered:

  • What would happen to your business in the event of your death or disability?
  • Who would raise your children?
  • What would happen to your assets?
  • Who would take care of things if you were incapacitated?
  • How would you deal with your parents’ or grandparents’ estates?

Some people use “do it yourself solutions” that don’t address the real issues (and cause people to live under the illusion that they “handled it”). Some people do nothing, creating a time bomb. Others use a general practice lawyer (and may miss opportunities to do things correctly).

Our estate planning practice features:

Collaborative Planning. Business succession and estate planning are much more effective when it is a product of collaboration among the client’s attorney, business advisor, financial advisor, and CPA.

Fixed Fees. In almost every matter, we will agree on a fixed price before we start (and we will stick to it).  No surprises.

Technology. There is no need for you to pay us to reinvent the wheel.  We have invested in a document creation software system that allows us to efficiently produce documents from the same well-vetted templates used by some of the largest estate planning practices.  We use technology to make the planning process effective, easy and less expensive.

Review of Existing Trusts and Wills. Bring in your existing will or trust and we will have a look at it with you to see if it suits your needs. We will not charge for a preliminary review.

Thinking Ahead. We suggest and implement planning techniques that can minimize risks and often protect heirs from losses associated with divorce, lawsuits, taxes, and poor financial management.

Practical Solutions. We will help you obtain the protections you need for yourself and your family in an understandable and straightforward way. Our decades of experience help us arrive at thoughtful and practical courses of action.